A responsible tourist office


The Quimper Cornouaille Tourist Office is involved in a fair tourism approach, in connection with the Fair Breizh project.
Here we present our commitments to reduce our impact on the environment.

Waste separation and paper reduction

♦ Sorting our waste (plastic, paper/cardboard, glass).
♦ Reflective, double-sided, black and white prints.
♦ Using print errors as scrap paper.
♦ Recycling our used ink cartridges.
♦ Working with Solidarité Papier, a professional reintegration company, to recycle our paper and cardboard.
♦ No more paper posters, we show the posters on our screens at the office reception.
♦ Reasoned editing of our paper brochures to be as close as possible to the actual number of copies distributed each year.
♦ Brochures published on quality media, with a longer lifespan.
♦ Brochures can be downloaded from our website.
♦ Downloadable applications (quimper.mobi) to discover the city without using paper documents
♦ Mails are preferred to paper mail

Working with local companies to

♦ Editing our materials and designing our multimedia materials
♦ Sorting our waste
♦ The design of our canvas bags
♦ Our seasonal outfits
♦ Our group visits

Fighting digital pollution

♦ Use of eco-responsible search engines
♦ Use of temporary data storage sites for sending heavy attachments
♦ Using the internal network to send documents to colleagues, rather than sending them by email
♦ Reducing the weight of images on our website before uploading them, and no videos, where possible.

Raising awareness among staff and visitors

♦ Postings in offices and common areas for staff
♦ Carpooling during our business trips (trade fairs, training)
♦ Distribution of pocket ashtrays, on request at the reception
♦ Environmental protection messages on our screens
♦ No more plastic bags for our shop area, we propose the purchase of canvas bags (locally designed)

Energy saving

♦ Programmers for window lighting, switching on the screens in the office hall and heating
♦ Our computers and printers are turned off every night
♦ LED or low-energy light bulbs

Eco-responsible cleaning and hygiene products