The Quimper Cornouaille Tourist Office offers you the opportunity to discover Quimper in a different way thanks to thematic guided tours:

♦ In the footsteps of Max Jacob, poet, friend of Picasso, Cocteau and Modigliani
Born in Quimper in 1876, Max Jacob spent his childhood there before leaving for Paris. It was there that he met Picasso and settled in Montmartre at the Bateau Lavoir. He witnessed the birth of Cubism and was himself at the origin of the upheavals in poetic writing. The publication of the collection Le Cornet à Dés in 1917 with illustrations by Picasso established his fame. During this visit, we invite you to discover Quimper in the footsteps of the famous poet.

♦ Quimper, from gardens to gardens
Quimper is a city with an exceptional floral display, which we invite you to discover under the guidance of a guide: the flowered footbridges along the Odet; the garden of the Max Jacob Theatre; the garden of the Retreat, protected by the ramparts of the old fortified city, as well as the latest addition to Quimper's gardens, the Garden of Peace. We offer you the opportunity to meet one of the talented gardeners of the city's green spaces department and to share his knowledge of botany by visiting the Priory garden.

♦ Quimper, Tours and Detours
Immerse yourself in the Quimper of the medieval period and discover the towers and ramparts that protected the city at that time. Your guide will tell you the history of the parts still visible in the four corners of the town, such as the Tour du Névet or the Tour Bihan.

♦ Quimper, on the run
What could be more fun than discovering a city in running mode? Treat yourself to a unique experience by combining culture and sport!
In the company of your runner guide, who is passionate about his town and region, discover the heritage of Quimper while practising a sporting activity: running or Nordic walking. Pleasure, sharing and discovery are the fundamental principles of this visit.

♦ Mysterious characters and creatures in the historic centre
For this visit, we invite you to discover the little details of Quimper. The ones that you may have already seen strolling around the historic centre, but that you have probably never seen. Small statuettes nestled on the facades of houses, gargoyles on the Cathedral, grinning or laughing faces on timber-framed houses... these characters and sculptures are part of the architectural wealth of Quimper and all have a little story to tell us.

♦ Quimper, city of legends
Few towns can call themselves legendary. Quimper has its own legend, the poetic and tumultuous legend of the City of Ys, its king and its princess. King Gradlon has watched over the town for centuries from the towers of Saint Corentin Cathedral. And then there are other stories. Quimper can be read in legends and stories, and is told through discoveries.