Quimper en pays Glazik

Quimper en pays Glazik: since 1 January 2017, Quimper Bretagne Occidentale - in Breton, Kemper Breizh Izel - is the new name of the Quimper agglomeration, which includes 14 communes. Discover at the bottom of this page an interactive map of the religious heritage of Quimper Bretagne Occidentale.

saint venec chapel briec

Located in the heart of Cornouaille, Briec is about 15km north-east of Quimper. Dominated by the Menez Roc'h Veur (230m), the commune is hilly and is part of the Odet and Aulne watersheds.

Saint John's Chapel in Edern

The commune of Edern is located in the heart of Cornouaille, about 15km from the prefecture of Quimper. The rural area is hilly, the western part of the Montagnes Noires crosses the northern part of the commune

bourg ergué gabéric

Ergué-Gabéric is nicknamed "la Ville au Vert". Rich in natural sites such as the wooded site of Stangala, Ergué-Gabéric is bordered by two rivers, the Odet and the Jet. The town has a rich heritage of farms, longères and manors.

church of saint fiacre Guengat

Guengat is rich in chapels, calvaries and fountains. In the village, the church of Saint Fiacre proudly displays its parish enclosure. The commune is crossed by the Quimper-Douarnenez greenway

Chapel of Quilinen in Landrévarzec

The commune has a strongly marked architectural heritage: the Notre-Dame de Quilinen chapel (15th century) and its calvary, the parish church of Saint Guénolé, the fountains of Saint Guénolé, Saint Jean and Quilinen

Mountain bike trail in the commune of Landudal

Landudal has unspoilt countryside, with many well-preserved footpaths. The commune is crossed by the GR38, the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, the Tro Breiz and by numerous hiking trails.

Commune of Langolen

Located less than 20km from Quimper and less than 30 minutes from the beaches, it is a pleasant town to live in, offering the possibility of numerous walks in the surrounding countryside along its footpaths.


Locronan is one of the most prestigious sites in Brittany and has been awarded the "Most Beautiful Villages in France" label. A true land of inspiration for artists, painters, writers, sculptors and film-makers, Locronan is also the starting point for numerous walking and mountain bike trails.

Saint Thurien church Plogonnec

The commune offers a wide range of cultural and sporting activities with hiking and mountain bike trails. The rich religious heritage with 6 chapels and a church, as well as the local produce, make this a town where life is good.

vire-courts Odet Plomelin

Plomelin is situated on the right bank of the Odet between Quimper and the beautiful sandy beaches of South Finistère. The Odet and the numerous footpaths that run along its banks or through the countryside make it a town with undeniable tourist attractions.

château marc'hallac'h plonéis

The commune offers a rich and varied heritage, with its church, its two chapels as well as manors, mills, fountains and the castle of Mar'hallac'h. A hiking trail allows you to take advantage of the many splendid viewpoints

hiking marker Pluguffan

Pluguffan has numerous testimonies of the Roman period: pottery, coins, funerary urns and a Roman road. 18km of hiking trails offer many possibilities for walking and enhance the living environment.


The Steïr, a tributary of the Odet, runs through the commune. This river is fed by several streams which have allowed many mills to be set up in the past. Enjoy a beautiful walk through the Bois du Duc in an intimate and green setting

Rue Kéréon Quimper

Let yourself be charmed by this mythical city and its three ancient hearts. A gourmet city with lively shopping streets, the cultural capital of Brittany, Quimper is located in the heart of Cornouaille and its maritime landscapes at the end of the world.

Discover this interactive map of the religious heritage of Quimper Bretagne Occidentale. Click on the link below the map to enlarge it.

Legend of the map of the religious heritage of Quimper and its surroundings