À 8 km de Quimper, au coeur de 4 hectares de verger, découvrez une cidrerie traditionnelle en agriculture biologique.

► Paul Coïc, a passionate producer, offers you a visit of the orchard and the production workshop followed by a tasting of ciders, apple juice, pommeau and lambig de Bretagne, which are regularly awarded in various competitions.
♦ 4 different ciders: Brut (gold medal Paris 2019), Fermier, Demi-Sec and Doux (silver medal Paris 2019).
Ciders are differentiated by their alcohol content. The degree of alcohol is determined by the sugar content.
♦ 2 fruit juices: Apple juice and Sparkling Apple juice
Apple juice is made from unfermented apples. Pasteurisation allows the apple juice to be preserved without any additives.
Sparkling apple juice is a carbonated apple juice (addition of CO2).
♦ Pommeau de Bretagne is a subtle blend of apple juice and brandy. On contact with the oak barrel where it ages for 24 months it acquires its mahogany colour. (Gold medal at the Paris agricultural competition 2019)
♦ Lambig de Bretagne, a traditional cider brandy made by distilling cider, is aged in oak barrels for 3 to 6 years.
♦ La Gwenn: Blanche de Pomme, cider brandy made from the distillation of cider.
♦ Cider Vinegar 

Find out more about our products and awards by following the link below: http://www.cidrerie-coic.com/