The Château de Lézergué is an essential stop on the Cider Route in Cornouaille!

The Château de Lézergué is an essential stop on the Cider route in Cornouaille! Come and discover our new shop and taste our range of ciders and apple juice. Near the Cidrerie, discover the sumptuous Kerdévot chapel and its Flemish altarpiece (15th century), the Saint Guinal church and its Dallam organ (17th century), the Stangala gorges classified as "natural sites and monuments".

... but not without the hand of man! Not without Matthieu's hand, who looks after his trees throughout the year, pruning them and caring for them so that they produce the best fruit. In the Château Lézergué orchard, there are no chemical treatments or excessive mechanisation that would damage the land and the trees. Thus, at harvest time, the teams mobilise to collect and sort the cider apples produced on the estate by hand.
Like the grape harvest, the apple harvest is not decided at random. The degree of ripeness of the fruit has a considerable influence on the nature of the cider, its taste and its colour. The delicious aromas are due to the 12 varieties of apples present in the orchard. Rigorously selected, they have made and still make Château Lézergué cider an exceptional product. It is not for nothing that the apples that are born here are the object of so much care and, let's face it, so much love.

Before bottling cider, you have to create it! Like wine, cider, whether it is brut cider, semi-dry cider or sweet cider, is created by blending several vintages. These, after having fermented in the vats, are selected by Joseph, the cellar master.

From the twelve varieties of apples, which are as many grape varieties, he will create the blends that will give Château Lézergué cider its aromatic richness, its colour and its identity. On this point, the many vats in the cellar are a considerable asset.

Their number allows us to offer multiple combinations of blends, but also to guarantee a faithful reproduction of the aromas from one year to the next. Thus, Château Lézergué cider, like all the great wines, is unlike any other and, year after year, will always give you the same pleasure.