The oceans cover 70.8% of our planet's surface. Together with the maritime world, they are at the heart of tomorrow's societal and environmental challenges (climate, food, health, biodiversity, etc.).transport…).
Drawing on the expertise of scientists and industrialists in the maritime sector, 70.8, located in the heart of the Ateliers des Capucins in Brest, is a cultural space for the general public, showcasing the region's know-how in maritime innovation and technology.
The aim of this new venue is to promote maritime excellence at both local and national level in all its aspects (scientific, technical, industrial, etc.) as well as global maritime innovations. As a showcase for the know-how of Brest and Brittany, 70.8 will be a new tool for sharing knowledge and raising awareness, complementing the cultural offer on the maritime domain already provided by Océanopolis and the National Maritime Museum.
The route proposed to visitors is based on three major themes around the Ocean: a space of resources for the future, an environment to be observed in order to better understand it, a territory of travel and human adventure.
From marine biotechnologies to deep-sea exploration, from marine energies to knowledge of the maritime routes and means of navigation of tomorrow, each major theme is supported by scientific, economic and industrial partners (IFREMER, French Navy, Naval Group, etc.).  
During a one-hour visit, the atmosphere of the premises will invite the visitor to embark on an oceanographic mission.

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