The wonders of the Porquier-Beau potteryexhibition 2022

Lundi 11 avril 2022 -> samedi 1er October 2022
Make way for the new! This year, we are going to unveil to the public all the watercolour plates of the Porquier-Beau factory. Founded in 1773 by a worker trained at the Grande Maison HB, the factory joined forces with the painter Alfred Beau around 1875. This collaboration between an artist and a Quimper earthenware factory lasted more than fifteen years and brought a new breath of fresh air to the factory's productions. The resulting success encouraged the factory to multiply the forms and decorations.
These decorative plates, created in the last quarter of the 19th century and illustrating the production of the time, are grouped into 10 albums. Each collection is devoted to a theme. Thus, the different volumes independently group together the decorations of Rouen, Moustiers, Nevers or Delft, Breton scenes and legends or pieces of the famous and unavoidable yellow-edged service which made the fame of the faience factory. These notebooks, which have been handed over to the museum by their lucky owner, will finally reveal their secrets to the public!
This unique collection of several hundred plates will not fail to amaze and surprise you with the richness of the details, the quality of their execution, the play of light and the diversity of the subjects represented. The result of the first lasting collaboration between a Quimper earthenware factory and an artist will amaze you and promises you, once again, a wonderful journey through the land of Quimper earthenware. For a better presentation, pieces decorated with these designs will complete the picture and will plunge you into the artistic passions of the end of the 19th century.ème century.
Curator of the exhibition: Bernard Jules Verlingue
Exceptionally, two rooms of the museum will house this temporary exhibition.
Catalogue containing all the plates available at the museum's reception and shop

Guided tour of the exhibition The wonders of the Porquier-Beau pottery : every Saturday between 16 April and 1 October 2021, at 3.30 pm.
Practical: All public / Free on presentation of the entrance ticket

Duration: 30 minutes