10 visits closer to nature

Cornwall, the quintessence of Brittany, is an unmissable destination. The variety of its landscapes, the majesty of its panoramas, the charm of its traditions, the richness of its culture, the character of its inhabitants, everything will seduce you! Discover with us ten sites which are not necessarily among the most visited places, and which will not fail to dazzle you.

The Regional Natural Park of Armorique

The Baie des Trépassés and the Pointe du Van

van point

The different communes of the Pays Glazik


The Cap Sizun

cap sizun

The Cap Sizun reserve

cap sizun reserve

The Pointe de Trévignon

pointe de trevignon

The creeks of Beg Meil

beg meil creeks

Marshes and bogs

marshes and bogs

The Monts d'Arrée in hiking

Arree Mountains

Nevet Wood

nevet wood