Church of Saint Guénolé in Landrévarzec


Situated to the north of Quimper, a rural and suburban commune of the Pays Glazik, Landrévarzec is bordered to the north by the communes of Cast, Quéménéven and Plogonnec, to the east by the commune of Briec and to the west by the Steir valley.





The church of Saint Guénolé

It consists of a nave of three bays with aisles, a transept with a polygonal chapel to the south and a deep choir with a flat chevet. The chevet and sacristy were built in 1935.

The west façade bears the date 1762 at the base of the bell tower. A stone from the former sacristy, embedded in the south transept wall, bears the inscription "LAN. 1752/MADE BY MIRE/CAVGANT RECTEVR/RENE GESTIN FABRIQUE".

Quilinen Chapel

Dedicated to Notre Dame. Formerly part of the parish of Briec. It consists of a nave of three bays with a north aisle, a choir of two bays with a flat chevet, and, to the north, to the right of the choir, a chapel in the form of a wing separated transversely by two arcades.

The diaphragm arch that separates the nave from the choir penetrates directly into two massive pillars with external buttresses, showing that they were originally intended to support a bell tower. On the aisle, this diaphragm arch is cushioned by a carved base representing the Holy Trinity.

After four years of work, the Quilinen chapel has been restored to its former glory.

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Opening of the chapel :

October to June :
Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 2pm to 5pm

In July and August :
every day from 2pm to 6pm

The Fountains

La Fontaine Saint Jean :
Near the chevet of the church of Saint Guénolé is the fountain of Saint Jean, where pilgrims used to come to heal eye ailments, as in Saint Jean en Edern.

The Saint Guénolé fountain:
Located 50 metres from the church, it is dedicated to Saint Guénolé.

The Quilinen Fountain:
Located near the chapel of Quilinen

Le Moulin du Crecq