The pleasure of being on the water!


► Our nautical base offers day trips or cruises (over several days), on different vessels, mainly sailing boats (catamaran, monohull).
This can be as part of an initiation/training course in sailing, or simply for a relaxing moment with one of the qualified and experienced skippers at the controls.
► Voile Horizons also has 8 single or double kayaks, 10 paddles, 2 small motor boats without a licence and a zodiac, all of which are available for hire to enjoy a trip on the water, either sitting or standing, in this magnificent bay of Douardenez.
The zodiac can be rented with a skipper or if you have your boat licence you can also rent it under your responsibility.
The skippers of Voile Horizons are available for:
- Convey your vessel safely and in compliance with maritime regulations.
- Handling of your boat (help, advice, etc...)
- They will also be there for the follow-up and maintenance of your ship (careening, wintering, seamanship etc...).

Come and meet us at the Tréboul marina!