Venez Jumper en famille ou entre amis dans le seul Trampoline Park du Finistère !

Over 650m2 de trampolines Indoor, venez vous défouler à partir de 4 ans et jusqu’à 77 ans

Il y a 6 zones différentes :

  • The expert zone: (reserved for experienced jumpers), this jumping zone will allow you to jump from several heights and land in a large foam tray...
  • The Dunk Zone: Dunkeying like your favourite basketball players with a double trampoline and two basketball baskets
  • Slackline: Test your balance with our slackline dedicated to tightrope walkers
  • The Jump zone: Take off and land safely in a giant foam box
  • The Free Zone: 150m2 dedicated to beginner Jumpers. test your skills on our 11-metre long trampo-tumbling
  • The kids zone: Reserved for 4/7 year olds, this enclosed area is equipped with 5 trampolines, a large foam box and two small basketball baskets for dunking like the grown-ups.
But also an arcade, a birthday area and a reception/snacking area.