Brittany is a land of character with an authentic, iodine-filled history. Each product reflects this and tells it in its own way. At the Échoppe Bretonne we tell you about them! 

Located in the historic heart of Quimper, a city steeped in tradition and the capital of Cornouaille, the Échoppe Bretonne was born of our meeting with the producers and creators who make up Brittany.
Anchored in their territory, on the sea side or the land side, they bring out the best of Brittany by combining tradition and modernity.


►Good reasons to choose L'Echoppe Bretonne

L'Echoppe Bretonne offers you the best of Brittany on its website or in its shop in Quimper.
You will find the largest selection of high quality Breton products made in Brittany. We work with craftsmen, canneries, carameliers, designers, artists, painters, jam makers, fishermen, textile designers, soap makers, distilleries... and some other French designers linked to Brittany.
Our aim is to help you discover the products that Breton craftsmen have been able to sublimate through their creativity and talent, and of course to let you enjoy them.