Céramiste Plasticien, un métier formidable qui me donne la liberté et le plaisir de créer.

► It's a craft that occupies my day, my week, my year. Ceramics marries earth and fire. My job is design, creativity.
In order to "conduct" my kilns well, I built them. First I started with the salt stoneware, which involved a single firing at 1,300° and at the end of the firing I threw coarse salt to glaze the pottery.
Then I wanted to have a lot more colour in my pottery and I built 3 new kilns, one of which was specially designed for plates and to make new pieces

► Why not decorate your home with our ceramic creations?
There is no shortage of choice with our various collections and custom-made creations.
Many contemporary creations that can be colour matched.

♦ Tableware
Adapt each plate to your dish.
The decors are multiple. Come and discover them at the workshop.

♦ Customised parts
Owls and birds are not caged!
The fish, even out of the water, keep all their colours!
"The vase gives form to the void" (Georges Braque).
Large square contemporary dishes will brighten up your walls
The vases are waiting for your flowers, the basins for your fruits, etc...

♦ Creating custom graphics :
Wall graphics for municipalities and individuals,
Personalised house plaques,
Trophies for all events,
Design of objects for various ceremonies and anniversaries, etc.