Confiseries d'Antan offers you :

Gelatin-free and gluten-free confectionery with more than 25 fruit gel flavours, from gum acacia to liquorice, violet, mint, eucalyptus....(recipes from 1890!)
Coatings with Avola (Sicilian almond), almond & chocolate, candied orange & chocolate, roasted coffee beans & dark chocolate, golden Sauternes grapes & dark chocolate....
Energetic recipes such as Beraweaka and Fig Bread, made with 92% of dried fruit without sugar or fat. Our energy bar made of puffed cereals, cranberries, pistachios and hazelnuts bound with salted butter caramel. And finally, the latest arrival! Our handmade almond paste, which breaks records with 70% of almonds.
Sweets just for fun Nougat made from a harmonious blend of honey and buckwheat honey, gingerbread made in the old-fashioned way without eggs, Dousik or salted butter caramel (melts in the mouth), Hypocras, a medieval wine flavoured with spices...

Confiseries d'Antan brings together the know-how of French craftsmen.

And gourmets will rediscover the authentic taste of good old-fashioned recipes.

Our original recipes are available for tasting in our shops in Locronan and Dinan.
Not all our confectionery is listed on the online shop, please contact us for any request.
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