Responsible Traveller's Charter in Cornwall

Welcome to the Quimper Cornouaille Tourist Office

A responsible traveller in Cornwall is :

♦ A traveller who respects the principles of sustainable tourism
♦ A traveller who respects the way of life of the locals
♦ A traveller who takes care to leave the places he discovers, clean and preserved after his departure
♦ A traveller who adopts responsible behaviour by reducing and sorting his waste
♦ A traveller who reasons about his water consumption (even in Brittany!)
♦ A traveller who respects the instructions given by the local guides or escorts in order to preserve the local fauna and flora (not going off the paths marked out specifically for visitors or picking certain plant species...)
♦ A traveller who uses soft modes of transport, public transport or carpooling as often as possible during their stay
♦ A traveller who brings back in his bag beautiful photos, nice memories, and good local products to extend his trip rather than a pebble