From the time of the Roman conquest, a small urbanised centre, Locmaria, was established on the banks of the Odet, around a port open to the Mediterranean world. Locmaria is the original district of Quimper. This year, the Romanesque church of Notre-Dame Locmaria celebrates its millennium. Discover this place full of history with your guide.


Push the doors of Baradoz-Paradis, the exhibition space for textile art and fine embroidery and let yourself be carried away by the unexpected, admire the works of the teachers of the Kemper School of Art Embroidery. Pascal Jaouen, embroiderer, designer and stylist gave them carte blanche to create a piece of their choice, exploit their creativity, and let their skills explode.

Then attend a demonstration of the making of crêpes dentelles on the beaks at the Biscuiterie de Quimper and taste local specialities.

Lunch in a traditional restaurant in Quimper.

Follow your guide and let yourself be charmed by the old quarters of Quimper, City of Art and HistoryThe town has a lot to offer: the cathedral of Saint-Corentin, a jewel of Gothic art, the half-timbered houses, the ramparts, the flowered footbridges along the Odet...

The breton departmental museumoccupies the former Palace of the Bishops of CornwallIt is located next to the cathedral. It preserves and reveals some wonderful treasures from the Breton past. Furniture, earthenware, objects of daily life and traditional costumes are also presented.

As you walk around Quimper, you will certainly come across markings on the ground with the inscription "Ici commence la mer". These markings remind us not to litter the streets, especially with cigarette butts. This is because rainwater runoff carries this waste into the rivers and streams, which then flow into the oceans. As a reminder, a single cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 litres of water!