The Sistrot, from the contraction of the words Sistr - cider in Breton - and bistrot, is a cider bar, unique in the region! 

♦ Le Sistrot is first and foremost the story of two brothers, Erwan and Ronan, epicureans with a passion for good food and good drink. Both have an engineering background in the field of chemistry/biology.
After several years spent in Quebec for Erwan and in Brussels for Ronan, the two brothers wanted to set up a project together and Erwan wanted to return to Brittany... Thus was born the Sistrot!

♦ Cider is a traditional Breton product that the brothers both enjoy. It is also a noble product, resulting from agriculture and the know-how of passionate craftsmen, as champagne can be for example, but while remaining a simple and popular product.
At the Sistrot, quality artisanal ciders are given their rightful place.
The cider menu includes no less than 70 referencesIn addition to the ciders on offer, there are also a number of other ciders on offer, all of which are farmhouse or artisanal, reflecting the richness of the existing range of ciders. All the types of cider found in the west of France are represented, from sweet cider (rather intended to accompany aperitifs or desserts), relatively sweet, to dry cider, containing very little residual sugar (ideal with seafood in particular). And yes, cider is a bit like wine, there is a whole range of them, and this is what Le Sistrot would like to help you discover.
Some lesser known specialities such as perry (pear cider), Rosé cider, or even ice ciderThe new, very popular, Quebec version is also available.
Also on the menu are original cider-based cocktails, cider brandyapple spirits such as pommeau, chouchen, lambig, gwen and non-alcoholic craft drinks such as apple or pear juice.

♦ To welcome guests, Erwan and Ronan have imagined a wood and stone setting with a direct view of the cider cellar. 

♦ On the restaurant side, a menu with formulas allows you to taste fresh and homemade dishes, for lunch and dinner, with a choice between 3 starters, 5 courses and 3 desserts and a lunch formula.
Menus change regularly to reflect the seasons and 80% of the ingredients used are sourced in the department.
You can also enjoy some tapas as an aperitif.

♦ Come and see us every Saturday morning on the market in Quimper!



The Sistrot continues to serve you with our new take-away menu for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds. Meet us on Fridays (11am to 2.30pm and 5pm to 6pm), Saturdays (11am to 2.30pm and 5pm to 6pm) and Sunday evenings (5pm to 6pm) to take away, after 6pm delivery is possible from the Coop Cycle app, available on Google Play and the App Store, (Quimper only) for an extra 2€. Of course when you pick up your food you can find a cider nugget to accompany your meal. Contact us by phone for your reservations.



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