The crêperie Au Vieux Quimper celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007 and the least we can say is that it wears its age well. It has just been listed in the Gault Millau 2019. A combination of tradition and modernity, a diversion to this crêperie located 50 metres from the Place au Beurre is a must.

The tradition is in the setting and the decoration: authentic closed bed, Quimper cap, granite walls and woodwork are remarkable. The modernity is in the plate. Only local products are used in its fine and crispy crepes (the famous "kraz" crepes): churned butter, andouille from Guéméné, sausages from Les Halles, dairy products from the Kerheu farm. It is thus part of a strong rural and sustainable economy.

On the menu, there are many specialities, including the Boss's crêpe: sardines with churned butter, and a dazzling demonstration of mushroom crêpes with crème fleurette (more than twenty).

In the desserts, quality is the key. The salted butter caramel is homemade and you will enjoy the caramel apple, the chocolate orange or the lambig flambée from Le Lay, with delight.