After several months of waiting the school will reopen on Friday 10th July. Information will be sent to all our members and students shortly and tandem skydives will also be offered to the population of the region.
The school will be open almost every day and on request from 9am to 8pm. A medical check-up of no contraindication to skydiving will be requested on arrival at the centre. 

We look forward to seeing many of you at the start of the new year and wish you all a good start.

The President

After 10 minutes of flight, the plane which takes you to an altitude of 3200 m will pass over the Breton coast. On one side you can admire the bay of Douarnenez and on the other the island of Groix . 

Why throw yourself out of a serviceable aircraft?
Many questions arise for the curious novice who would like to make a skydiving jump alone.
Yes, skydiving is sensational. Our sport is one of the few where you feel and interact with your whole body. We fall and move in freefall with our whole body on the air. At these speeds, the air reveals its fluid nature and becomes palpable. It opens up a new dimension to us. In free fall, the air creates comfortable and powerful supports, a gigantic mattress of air in which we move.

Skydiving courses for young people from 12 years old ( one day course - 7 days - all year round ) 


RatesCategoryDateMin (€)Max (€)
1 session
Tandem jump for one person
AdultsFrom 01/03/2022 to 31/12/2022275.00280.00
16 years and over
Automatic initiation jump.