In 1998, Jean-Pierre Derouet and Emmanuel Bouvet shared a building in the town of Le Mans (72). The former runs a wine cellar, and the latter a cellar and a beer bar. This proximity made them friends and gave them the idea of bringing their products together in the same place.
A simple idea is born, a wall falls, 2 shops merge and a name is found: V and B.

V and B is more than a place, it is a concept. A warm and friendly shop, 350 beers, 300 wines, 200 whiskies and 100 rums from all over the world, but above all a strong character: the desire to bring together generations and styles, to share a unique moment, around quality products to be tasted or to be offered.

V and B is all about having a good time, either at the bar or in the cellar. It means meeting up after work to enjoy a drink with friends or colleagues, following the afterwork trend. It means letting yourself go and discovering new things thanks to the advice of our "wine experts". It's also about cultivating that touch of madness with the organisation of special evenings throughout the year (concerts, sports broadcasts, themed evenings, etc.)