► For a long time my photography could only be black and white. To me, it is a unique balancing act, inconceivable in other mediums, I can record faithfully and interpret subtly.It still is for me today, as colour gradually enters my work.
Colour works have been born through the contribution of digital technology, but my main concern remains the same: to obtain a final print that will reveal the image I have captured.

Jean-Jacques Banide

► In search of poetry in everyday life, Aurélie turns ceramic pieces that she decorates with curved or broken lines using the scrafittage technique, with the aim of creating objects-place in which it is possible to travel or rest.

Aurélie Delomosne


► Graduated from the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 1987
In 2013 she travelled to Japan, which influenced her compositions. 
Numerous stays in the Breton islands nourish his observation of the elements.
The trees she has encountered, and more broadly trees such as grunts, have been the common thread running through her work over the years, but she also develops the themes of "flows" and "migrations".

Beatrice Giffo


► In intaglio engraving, I transcribe physical memories of dancing, walking and moments of contemplation in the natural environment. From these moments, presented alone or juxtaposed or associated with words, a dialogue, a story is elaborated.

Isabelle Richard