"La P'Tite Boutique d'Audrey is a real jewellery box, and not only that! 
Words from customers' addicts

I was born in Quimper and went to study nursing at the Chu de Nantes.
Although nursing will remain for me one of the most beautiful professions, my life experiences - maternity among others - as well as my professional experience (I have worked in different departments but notably in oncology and paediatric resuscitation) have made me an even more human person and perhaps "too empathetic" for me to continue to practice as we are asked to do today.
La P'Tite Boutique d'Audrey was an opportunity that came to me at an important turning point in my life.
It is first and foremost a meeting place for different designers (not that I don't accept male designers, it's just that I only have women!) from Quimper and its surroundings as well as the Nantes region mainly. It's a real team effort, and as a former nurse, it's important to me to insist on this. Although I am physically alone in the shop, it is a common work, in a great atmosphere: professional of course but also friendly, human, honest, friendly and it must be said: a bit festive 😉 !
When you fall in love with something in the shop, you also fall in love with a creation made by hand, and with love, close to home! You promote local trade, while enhancing local craftsmanship 😉
So I wish you great discoveries, and especially great finds, made near you 😉 !
And Kdo'Passes are accepted!
Thank you!

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