Local and Artisanal Creations

4 designers are exhibiting the fruits of their labour:
Weaver and milliner, Amélie Daumer weaves mohair and alpaca wool fabrics (ponchos, shawls, scarves, etc.) on old handlooms and also makes hats for all weather.
Ceramist, Jeanne-Sarah Bellaiche sculpts and models chamotte clay to give balance and movement to elegant female figures.
Painter and Illustrator, Manuela Dupont We are enchanted by the poetry of his black and white or coloured universe, where fantastic characters, wonderful birds, huts and trailers come to life...
Textile designer, Hermine Gouttelette makes rainwear in unique pieces, real jewels of originality, harmony and finish.

And it is Maria who is there to welcome you and show you around the shop most of the time!