Breiz'île - Les Arrangés du Rhum : An original taste adventure of the subtle marriage of fresh fruits, spices and rum. 

► Passion, patience, meticulousness... and top quality ingredients for unique punch recipes! Breiz'île arranged punches sublimate flavours and evoke conviviality. Ready to serve as an aperitif or digestive.
"It all started in 1997 in the fishing port of Saint-François in Guadeloupe," says Alain Jegaden, "We were three friends with a passion for good food, and we opened a restaurant (Les Frères de la Côte) based on authentic cuisine dedicated to fish, spices and rum. Three years later, we opened another restaurant in Camaret-sur-Mer with the idea of creating a link between Brittany and the Antilles.
In Guadeloupe, we used to serve our preparations of rhum arrangé at the end of meals. Customers liked it and asked if they could buy it. This is what gave us the idea to create Breiz'île and the first bottle was released in July 2002″.
The success was immediate and repeated each year. Generous, unifying, intended for those who have sun in their head, Breiz'île sublimates flavours and arouses conviviality.
Great importance is attached to the choice and origin of the ingredients, as well as to the respect of the recipes that have been lovingly developed. The same goes for the home-made syrup, using a unique technique. The fruit is freshly cut just before bottling. The agricultural rum comes from the best plantations in the West Indies. Our punches are prepared from agricultural rum, which is macerated with fresh fruit, homemade syrup and selected spices, according to exclusive recipes.
Punches recognised as remarkable by connoisseurs in France and the West Indies. With its exclusive recipes and 17 years of know-how, Breiz'île has established itself as the benchmark for punches. The production is still done by hand, from the cutting of the fresh fruit to the bottling, everything is done by hand with precision. Everything is made here in Brittany, in Plougastel-Daoulas, close to Brest
Discover and taste the Breiz'île creations in wine shops, fine grocery shops throughout France, supermarkets and on the Internet. Find on the site the list of the best wine shops and points of sale of our products.

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